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How did I get here?

Born in Nebraska. Moved to Detroit at 6 months. Fled to Colorado at age 5. Escaped to Los Angeles after college (Zoology-Colorado College). Became a high school biology teacher. Joined an educational film company as a writer. Wrote/edited a few books for Jacques Cousteau. Started After-Image, one of the first to target the users of stock photography for advertising. Completed year long Executive Management program at UCLA’s Grad School of Management. After 14 years sold my company to Tony Stone Images in London. Then President of Tony Stone/LA. Brought Horace Bristol’s images to Corbis Images. Named senior editor at Corbis. Moved from LA to Bellevue. Resigned to join Artville/ImageBank/Kodak in Madison, WI. Left Madison and moved to Bainbridge Island, WA to work for Workbookstock in L.A. (Long commute). Took a second job working for Punchstock and then full time for UpperCut that was based in Madison but allowed me to organize the company on Bainbridge. New opportunity took me to Jacksonville, FL. Didn’t pan out so back to Bainbridge to remotely work for Romanian company to gain experience with microstock. Along the way acted as an expert witness and learned the business of appraising commercial photography collections. I’ve edited millions of photographs, reviewed thousands of portfolios, licensed many millions of dollars worth of photos. Testified in Federal and State courts as to the value of licenses. Published a photography book with a division of Random House. My interest in fine art has enabled me to build a solid personal collection as well being a reviewer for Critical Mass, PhotoLucida, The Palm Springs Photography Festival and others. I now work a as an expert witness in matters dealing with unauthorized use of images.

I’m married to the rare book dealer, Ed Smith and have a cat named Joey. My perfect day off includes a visit to a great art museum followed by a side trip to an independently owned hardware store, concluded with a dinner with people who know how to tell a good story while drinking a glass of cold white wine (in summer) or a good red in winter. I cook, always have had a garden, am a Sunday painter and would rather stay inside than go for a walk on a beach even when I lived on one. This is the story of my life.

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