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Expert Witness Ellen Boughn

I have acted as a photography expert witness and offered litigation support in matters involving unauthorized use, past and future photography licensing revenue, standard licensing fees, stock photo industry standards and trade practices. I am a recognized authority on business practices, licensing and valuations in the professional photography industry. I have prepared expert reports and appraisals, been deposed many times and testified in both federal and state courts in several jurisdictions. My CV and references are available upon request.

  • Valuation of intellectual property and copyrights associated with photography as it impacts future licensing revenue
  • The value of fine art prints as part of a business evaluation
  • Replacement value for production losses based on leading production teams on over 200 shoots in the U.S. and Europe
  • Analysis of past revenue from image licensing
  • Industry standards and trade practices in licensing, pricing and usage
  • Business valuation for sole proprietorships and corporations in the commercial imaging business
  • Licensing models in image licensing businesses, especially of existing or stock photography

Testimonials “It was the best expert witness presentation that I ever saw.  Considering the underlying facts you had to work with, it was amazing.” - Attorney for photographer/plaintiff “Ellen Boughn was retained near the end of the designation period and, in a very short time, was able to digest the evidence and produce an opinion that was well-founded and persuasive. Her opinion was instrumental in our achievement of a satisfactory settlement.” – Attorney for publisher/defendant “The Legal team at (client) and (client’s attorney) have sung your praises and thanked me profusely for putting them in contact with you!   I told them I had found you impressive: articulate, professional and well respected in our industry.” - Individual that referred Boughn to an in-house legal staff I am based in the Seattle area and available for travel both nationally and internationally.

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Cell: 2-6-201-3230