To Russia With Love*…from CEPIC

June 16th, 2010 by

The  panels at CEPIC, especially at the day long New Media Day organized by Microstock Diaries’ Lee Torrens, were thought provoking and for the most part, interesting.  I especially enjoyed the dialog between Sarah Fix from Blend Images and Taylor Davidson on my panel on the future: Taylor posed the question, “What core value does an agency create and deliver?” Sarah came back with some smart answers. I’ll interview her soon for a run down of her remarks. Unfortunately time ran out but we hope to continue the dialog  around the subject of disruption in the stock photo business at PhotoPlus Expo in the fall.

Here are the best places to learn about what went on at CEPIC:

Tweek’s Daily newspaper

Videos posted to Vimeo: (Excellent selection of well made videos from the panels)

Selected (curated to use a popular word at CEPIC) vids on YouTube:

VIP Reception

Pavel’s interview with me

Beatte interview with CEPIC’s Klaus Plauman

FastMediaMagazine interview with Maria Kessler at Image Rights

StockPhotoPress Interview mit Norbert Weber von Polylooks auf der CEPIC 2010 in German

Flavors of CEPIC by Pavel

Interview with Pond5 video by Pavel

Flickr photo stream by Taylor Davidson

Complete photo coverage by ctkphotobank and previous years too

I have attended CEPIC almost every year since I held the position of Executive Editor at Corbis in 1997. (At least I believe an event in London was an early precursor to CEPIC as I recall being on a boat on the Thames with some Germans and Roger Ressmeyer taking a photo of me that he magically sent to my husband by the miracle of digital photography and email. AMAZING it was then.)

Once the delegates to the Congress are home , the content of the panels and discussions meld into the over all business view of those attending but the connections grow into good business.  We are daily connected in ways that dwarf our previous means of communication with business colleagues via the post, fax or even email. Even so there is nothing that compares to the many business relationships forged with international colleagues over a drink, serendipitously at a lunch table or during an impromptu or scheduled meeting. These can only happen in person and for stock businesses and archives, only at CEPIC.

I have thought that CEPIC might be losing its relevance. But what was demonstrated by this year’s invigorated CEPIC is an industry strengthened and changed by outside forces that is smarter, quicker and, though smaller, stronger. Plan on coming to CEPIC in 2011 to keep up with the changes.

*Thanks to Russian photographer/videographer Pavel Losevsky who tirelessly documented CEPIC and the offical photographers from ctk photobank