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With over 40+ years experience in the photography licensing industry, E©B owner, Ellen Boughn, provides unparalleled expertise relating to the licensing value of photographs in disputes. Additionally Ms. Boughn values the future licensing income of photographic collections and archives for insurance, as collateral, in dissolution, and for estate tax purposes. With a career as a writer that led to being a published author, her writing skills are excellent. As the founder of an innovative photo agency and having held executive positions with several top photo licensing companies, Ellen has the expertise to back up her research, expert reports, appraisals and testimony. 

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Areas of Practice

expert witness

E©B is engaged by law firms, large and small, across the U.S. in matters of unauthorized use. We have extensive experience in the image licensing business and have created hypothetical licenses for both plaintiffs and defendants. Ms. Boughn has been deposed multiple times and has testified in state and federal courts.


E©B performs collection and archive appraisals as they relate to the future licensing value of copyrighted work for estate taxes, for donation, in divorce proceedings, for insurance and for use as collateral. Owner, Ellen Boughn, has been USPAP compliant since 2008 and remains current.


Ellen Boughn uses her decades of experience to guide photographer clients through the maze of opportunities and pitfalls in today’s marketplace for existing images as well as offering information to photographers with respect to direct licensing fees and packages for their clients.



Demystifying complicated filings and exhibits requires a deep level of experience and knowledge of the business practices in the image licensing business. E©B draws on past knowledge, research into current and past market conditions, and interviews with many contacts in the photo licensing industry to support expert opinions and appraisals.

Expert reports

Boughn brings her expertise as a published author to the writing of expert reports. The reports are supported by exhibits, detailed and comprehensive. Both her reports as well as testimony in deposition and at trial have earned praise from attorneys and judges alike.


E©B clients have found that her deep understanding of photography licensing to be useful in explaining industry standards and common licensing terms unique to the photography business. Ellen Boughn is a clear thinker and excellent public speaker who remains professional under pressure.


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