New Directions

June 27th, 2013 by

I’ve missed writing here so I’ve decided to start up again but take a new direction.

There are plenty of others writing about the creative side of the business and an equal number posting stories about the latest bad news. But since I’ve been involved in the business side of photography now for over 35 years and learned a quite a bit about what to do when things don’t go just right, I’ll share what I’ve learned, initially in regard to unauthorized use. I am telling the truth when I say that I’ve made all the mistakes possible in business but I did learn from them.

EllenBoughn-1349 (3)

Expert Witness and Photography Consultant Ellen Boughn

Most of what I do is confidential so no names or specifics will be forthcoming. [Nothing I write constitutes a legal opinion as I am not an attorney.]

Watch this space for my first series of articles about what should happen when you discover an unauthorized use. Meanwhile visit there to learn more. To learn about the five major reasons you might be sued due to content on your blog go here Does she ever mention the rights of the ceiling’s creator? And how about how few people even knew that the photo in the example was a problem use? Scary.

I’ll also write about whatever else strikes me. Always hoping that it will be of use and at least somewhat entertaining. Maybe its time to tell all those stories about photography, advertising and publishing I’ve picked up over the years…like the one about the man, the monkey and transit ads on space vehicles.